RPCV Journalism & Photography Awards

Entry Instructions

1. Read the relevant Category Criteria and Conditions of Entry carefully
2. Prepare your entry by gathering:
  • The attachments of the work you plan to submit (PDFs, Jpegs or online links, as appropriate)
  • If your entry consists of more than one PDF, please include all parts in a single PDF
  • A supporting statement (maximum 200 words) that explains how your entry came about, how it is relevant to the category you are entering and what it contributes to rural and regional journalism.
  • If you are entering Young Journalist of the Year, your editor’s letter supporting your entry and confirming you are under 25 years of age.
  • If you entering Journalist of the Year or Photographer of the Year, your editor’s letter supporting your entry
3. Pay your one -off entry fee of $30 before the awards close.

Entry fees can be paid here. The RPCV no longer offers corporate memberships. This means every entrant is required to pay the entry free, unless they have already paid for their 2020-2021 RPCV financial year membership.

4. Register on the Rural Press Club website
5. Follow instructions on the website to submit your entry.

Make sure you have filled out all required fields.

6. Changes & alterations

You can delete and resubmit your entry anytime before entries close at 5pm on Friday, August 6 by logging in and clicking on “Submit an RPCV entry” in the righthand column. No changes can be made after that date nor will submissions be accepted.