RPCV Journalism & Photography Awards


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a credit card but want to pay my entry fee?

Please email Admin directly and we will arrange for an invoice to be sent to you.

Will I be notified if I am a finalist?

The editors/producers of finalists will be notified the week before the event.

Do I need to be available to attend the awards dinner to enter the awards?

While we would be delighted if all of our entrants could attend our annual awards dinner, this is not a condition of entry. If you are not able to attend and win a prize on the night, your trophy or certificate will be posted to you.

What if I don’t submit all the elements that I need to?

All elements must be submitted for an entry to be considered. The club will endeavour to check over entries prior to the awards closing, but you are not guaranteed to receive a reminder. No reminders will be sent after the awards close.

What happens to my entry after the awards?

We will keep all entries on file for one month after the awards.

Can I bring friends or family with me to the awards night?

Friends and family are more than welcome to attend.

How do I know if I’m a current member?

You will have paid for your membership recently. A list is updated regular on the RPCV website

I paid for a Membership. Do I also need to pay my entry fees?

No, the list of entrants will be crosschecked with our members list and members will not be required to pay entry fees.

I want to enter video vision but it’s not already online. What should I do?

Upload your vision to Youtube and share the link with us. You can set the video to private if you do not want the vision readily available to others.

I want to enter audio but it’s not already online. What should I do?

Upload your audio to Soundcloud and share the link with us.

How many pixels should my photographic entry be?

2000 pixels is the resolution that we recommend.

What will happen to my entry after I submit it?

All entries will be collated and a panel of judges will decide on the winners. A slideshow of a random selection of entries – regardless of their placing – will be shown on the night. Please advise if you do not want your entry included in the slide show. All photography entries will be showcased electronically on screens throughout the evening.

I want to change my entry. What should I do?

Unfortunately you are not able to make changes to your entry. You can, however, delete it and resubmit it, by going to My Award Submissions and clicking on “delete” next to the entry.

Do I have to pay per entry?

No your $33 entry fee will cover all of your entries.

I am having trouble uploading my entry. What should I do?

Some entrants are experiencing difficulties uploading their entries using Internet Explorer. If you have issues, we recommend you try submitting your entry using Firefox or Google Chrome, both of which are free to download. If you continue to have issues please email admin at admin@ruralpressclubvictoria.com.au

How do I combine multiple PDFs?

You can combine multiple PDFs online here – http://www.pdfjoin.com/

How can I pay for my entries?

Journalists must be a current Financial Member of the RPCV to enter the awards. The membership of $33 can be paid here. Membership enables entry to the awards and also provides discounts to our monthly functions, a discount for the awards night and free entry to our Rural and Regional Journalism Forum.

Still have questions? Send us a message