Journalism and photography awards finalists

One of Victoria’s largest regional newspapers will battle it out with a broadcaster on the Victorian- NSW border and a country tri-weekly paper to claim the state’s best media outlet.

These are just some of the finalists that will be recognised at the Rural Press Club of Victoria (RPCV) annual awards in October as part of an online ceremony.

Plans were made for the RPCV to host a regional awards ceremony, but uncertainty around COVID rules has pushed the event back online for a second year.

RPCV Vice President Bryce Eishold said it was disappointing to have to host another online event, but the club was looking forward to acknowledging the best in the business.
“The RPCV had scheduled a regional awards ceremony, but the COVID rules would have meant a significant reduction in venue capacity and members, sponsors and supporters from Melbourne wouldn’t have been able to attend the night,” he said.
“An online event is inclusive, and we are optimistic the RPCV will be able to host small regional events before the end of the year.”

The online RPCV awards ceremony will be held on October 21 at 6pm.

Registration is essential and more details will be available in coming weeks.

This year’s rural and regional media awards finalists represent all regions of Victoria, and the finalists are listed below.

The coveted awards of Journalist, Photographer and Ray Frawley Young Journalist of the year will be revealed on the presentation night.


Media outlet of the year

  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Geelong Advertiser
  • ABC Goulburn Murray

Photography (general interest)

  • Kate Healy – Ballarat Courier
  • Morgan Hancock – Warrnambool Standard

Photography (sport)

  • Colin MacGillivray – North Central Review
  • Rodney Braithwaite – Shepparton News
  • Darren Howe- Bendigo Advertiser

Photography (news)

  • Darren Howe – Bendigo Advertiser
  • Cath Grey – Riverine Herald
  • Kate Healy – Ballarat Courier

News story (online)

  • Matt Neal – ABC Warrnambool – “Mystery solved”
  • Else Kennedy – Sunraysia Daily – “Water minister”
  • Christopher Testa- ABC Mildura, Swan Hill – “Vaccine shortage”

News story (TV)

  • Peter Somerville – ABC Gippsland – “Milking a dire situation”
  • Jedda Costa – ABC Gippsland – “Gippsland floods”

News story (print)

  • Blair Burns – Hamilton Spectator – “Vaccinations begin”
  • Elspeth Kernebone – Bendigo Advertiser – “Separation”
  • Caitlin Cassidy – Shepparton News – “Boys caught singing chant”
  • Eve Lamb – Midland Express – “Blaze spotlight dog attacks”

Sports story

  • Alexandra Treloar – ABC – “Domestic abuse survivor Kim O’Reilly calls for football clubs to ban violent men”
  • Toby Prime – Geelong Advertiser – “Every second counts”
  • Meg Saultry – Riverine Herald – “Refused to race, now a winner”

Feature story (TV)

  • Tim Lee – ABC Landline – “The myxo mystery – the first virus ever used to eradicate a feral pest”
  • Jedda Costa – ABC Gippsland – “Put her name on it”

Feature story (online)

  • Alexander Darling – ABC Wimmera – “The Dry brings new life to Victorian town Beulah after drought, fire and difficult two years”
  • Dale Webster – The Regional – “Big four banks casting a dangerous shadow in regional Australia”
  • Rhiannon Stevens, ABC Online – “On the tail of an eel”

Feature story (radio)

  • Sian Johnson – ABC South West – “Moyjil – could it rewrite our history”
  • Mim Hook – ABC Gippsland – “Found your song”
  • Peter Somerville – ABC Gippsland – “Sheep to shawl”

Feature story (print)

  • Harrison Tippet – Geelong Advertiser – “Out in the cold”
  • Sue Smethurst – RM Williams Outback Magazine – “The high-flying rebel”
  • Caitlin Cassidy – Shepparton News – “One family 23 heroes”

Agribusiness story

  • Sue Neales – The Weekly Times – “Barry Irvin profile”
  • Tim Lee – ABC Landline – “Timber trouble”
  • Natalie Kotsios – The Weekly Times – “Neighbourly gesture”

On-farm story

  • Else Kennedy – Sunraysia Daily – “New approach reaping rewards”
  • Sue Neales – The Weekly Times – “Beef baron”
  • Tim Lee – ABC Landline – “A sting in the tail”


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